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Which brand/rifle if it wasnt your Daystate (PCP)?

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Re: Which brand/rifle if it wasnt your Daystate (PCP)?

Postby Bluesboydave » 22 Jul 2014, 23:30

I agree with Airwolf 1; My vote would be for my Weihrauch HW1OOK. I had it prior to owning a Wolverine. My son uses it now. It may not look glamorous but I've lost count of the 1000's of pellets that have been put through it without ever letting us down. I like the side lever, love the magazine that's probably the best in the business. Its been knocked, dropped, speed fired and still it goes on, built like a tank and maintains its POI. Its not pellet fussy. oh yes and a great trigger.

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Re: Which brand/rifle if it wasnt your Daystate (PCP)?

Postby Rob » 24 Jul 2014, 20:56

I would have to consider a Hatsan Galatian in sub12 and a Sumatra in FAC. I will probably be buried with my Air Ranger. :D
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Re: Which brand/rifle if it wasnt your Daystate (PCP)?

Postby Mantonflint » 24 Jul 2014, 21:57

In air or rimfire this is the rifle that never fails to put a big grin on my face and meat on the table:
Brian ;)
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Re: Which brand/rifle if it wasnt your Daystate (PCP)?

Postby Agentum » 08 Aug 2014, 00:29

Have you tested a Galatian?

It's extremly big, to big, and it has a funny design with the shootgunlike handhold that is so big that you got to have XXXL hands for it.
So for under 12FPE and .177 it's going to be mostly stupid to haul around, this is a rifle for the "americans" in .25 hunting stuff with for fun.

The ones with plastic stocks is beyond me for what they is for with that not very good feeling of cheap plastic, well they cost less but...........

I already have had a bunch of PCPs not Daystates so i don't know i could test a Air Arms maybe, no more FX for me as long as they build them like this and with those kind of triggers.
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