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Mk4 non IS programming and safety light

In the world of airguns, there has never been anything quite like Daystate’s patented electronic system. Building on the ground- I breaking MK3 system, the latest Map Compensated Technology (MCT ) that’s fitted to the new MK4 iS models turns a revolutionary system into an evolutionary one, providing total shooting control from the advanced software programs that power it.

Mk4 non IS programming and safety light

Postby zenith1976 » 20 Jul 2017, 18:44

Hi ,

Quick few questions

I have a non is mk4 I just brought the following appears not to be working ,previously owned a platinum so maybe it's me.

1 single shot still fires after first pull of the trigger ,if the trigger is pulled again
2 The safety has no led on it even when light is turned in programs,never seen it on even during charging

Any ideas greatly received.
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