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couple of problems with air ranger

In the world of airguns, there has never been anything quite like Daystate’s patented electronic system. Building on the ground- I breaking MK3 system, the latest Map Compensated Technology (MCT ) that’s fitted to the new MK4 iS models turns a revolutionary system into an evolutionary one, providing total shooting control from the advanced software programs that power it.

couple of problems with air ranger

Postby logunator » 03 Jul 2017, 13:48

hi guys,new to the forum
some may know me by my name.serviced 700+ loguns to date.
generally dont mess around with daystates,i leave it to others but a ''skint'' mates asked me to fix his.
not sure what model it is,front bottle fed air ranger,none electronic.
i assuming its regulated but its only giving around 100 consistent shots then it goes all over
second fault is its now venting air very quick through the barrel.
it will be stripped on the test bench later today,just wondering if youve come across this before?
can a new stem/exhaust valve be bought?.could it be its seat?
ive a lathe/milling machine so i can make one if needed
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