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.177 B type

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.177 B type

Postby wolverine man » 28 Nov 2016, 19:28

I bought 1 on Friday s/h a few months old & mint.
zero`d it on getting home @ 30 yds then popped out to the pigeon roost on my permission.
missed a woodie @ 35 yds , "strange" ???, then selected an ivy leaf 25m away & it was shooting low so readjusted the sight then went home.
Saturday got the Bi-pod set up & target @ 30 yds, she was shooting 50mm high :o .
Re zero`d & got this group @ 30yds originally an orange disc obliterated.

then found it was running @ 9.5 ft
checked the crone with my Rapid 12/200 & got a reading of 11.6 ft.
Went out this morning & again it was shooting low.
Took it over to my local gun shop & they crono`d it @ 9.5.
It is now on its way back to Daystate who will hopefully be sympathetic as their 3 yr warranty isnt transferable BUT
the statuary 12 month warranty should still apply .
Watch this space
wolverine man
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Re: .177 B type

Postby mark n » 12 Dec 2016, 14:04

How have you been getting on getting a warranty fix?
Rifle: HW97KT, Wolverine B type (both .177)
mark n
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Re: .177 B type

Postby wolverine man » 25 Dec 2016, 09:51

it went back,I had an invoice to cover what was done but f/all in the way of explanation as to what was wrong.
It is now shooting as one would expect a new £1.1k gun to shoot.
I did email the factory but no response, quite normal i understand !
i have now encouraged Simon C to help with the info.
Time will tell
wolverine man
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