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Deerhunter sneaky 3d packable camo suit

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Deerhunter sneaky 3d packable camo suit

Postby mark n » 05 Dec 2014, 23:10

I treated myself to one of these for a birthday earlier this year. I have to say it has been very good. I have been able to take pigeons at about 15 mtrs without the aid of any hide. You could say I am a walking hide.

The evidence of how good this has been is that I have now also been able to get a significant number of crows and jackdaws. I was getting them before but it seems to be that much better with the suit. I could be wrong and it may be experience has made me better at getting closer and not the suit.

It does pack down quite small, packs into itself. I found no need for additional camo with the exception of a face mask. The veil on the suit takes some getting used to so I use my camo mask instead. It breaths well so you don't get too hot in the summer months. It is large enough for extra layers underneath now that winter is upon us.
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