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airstream silencer

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airstream silencer

Postby woogie » 01 Dec 2014, 01:29

Hey guys...Well I am looking at making my own shroud to make things even quieter. When I removed the airstream the adapter came off with the silencer....So now the adapter is stuck inside and u am needing to find away to remove it. Any ideas from the pros?
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Re: airstream silencer

Postby CORKY » 01 Dec 2014, 17:40

If you have the Mk4 you might be lucky, the end unscrews, I don't know how that would help, but worth a look. OR, put the slightest touch of Loctite on the thread, screw it back on, and now the adaptor will be stuck on the shroud !!! , but, you can screw off the moderator, then whip out the hairdryer and you should be able to remove the remaining adaptror. Good luck
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Re: airstream silencer

Postby Cumbrianwolf » 10 Aug 2015, 12:15

Failing the above or in addition to the advice given may I advise you to use one of those Rubber Strap Wrench tools as they offer a uniform circular grip where as if you dare put any form of grips on the aluminium parts of the silencer you may just squeeze it so that it ends up oval and that is even harder to remove from a round bar! (Experience speaking :oops: )
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