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Aim Drag Bag

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Aim Drag Bag

Postby Raggy88 » 23 Feb 2014, 09:42

We'll after a lot of wondering weather to spend as much on a gun bag I finally took the plunge at the show last wkend. I got the aim 50 ( in multicam couldn't resist :D ) for £140 :o which is a fair discount. I think the mk4 is with moderator and adjustable but pad comes in around 42 inch and the guy at the stand said the aim 40 would be tight. So now I got room for any other rifle in the future.
I had a jack pyke slip to start with and the zip failed :roll: and could never get it closed properly and I'm sure other MTC viper owners find the same thing with slips.
Looked at the vids on you tube on the Aim and knew it was a quality item but after owning one in the flesh this thing is mega :!:
It's v we'll padded and you can move the internal straps along the bag to suit your rifle , there is a pocket for the butt and the rifle is held securely in place . Heavy duty zips everywhere , pockets to hold virtually all of your kit and adjustable straps over the main zip to take the weight off of it.
Heavy duty handles and backpack style straps for the bag to go on your back which stow away in dedicated pocket when not in use.
I could go on a lot longer but the point I'm trying to make is ,if like I was , you are umming and ahhing about spending so much on a Aim bag :?: don't, just get one you won't be sorry you did :D
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Re: Aim Drag Bag

Postby CORKY » 23 Feb 2014, 09:57

Raggy88 wrote:I could go on a lot longer but ........ :D

Yep, I bet you could..... You sound very pleased with it. As for the zip on the...other one.. my local Mr Mend, in Thame, shoe, key and trophy engraver fits zips to EVERYTHING .
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Re: Aim Drag Bag

Postby JUD » 23 Feb 2014, 21:47

Can't beat AIM backs. I have a 50 and a 40. Top kit.
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