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JSB Predator Polymag .177

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JSB Predator Polymag .177

Postby Daystate Admin » 17 Nov 2013, 11:53

JSB Predator Polymag .177

Im full of questions today :P

JSB Predator Polymag .177 any feed back on these just wondering as JSB are great so wondering if these hunting pellets are up to scratch :?:

Cheers Richard
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Re: JSB Predator Polymag .177

Postby airwolf1 » 17 Nov 2013, 12:48

I haven't tried them myself, I have read some good reports and some bad. My only worry would be how they would fair in a Daystate mag?

You could try a batch, when testing I get my pellets from here: http://www.pelletperfect.co.uk/ it saves buying loads of tins that go to waste, don't forget to get some felt wads to clean the barrel between different brands of pellets though ;)
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Re: JSB Predator Polymag .177

Postby Dodgy » 22 Nov 2014, 22:37

They work just fine in my wolverine b in 22 on snagging at all that's in the 10 shot mag
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Re: JSB Predator Polymag .177

Postby Reiko » 29 Apr 2015, 21:48

Yes there is snagging, i tried them with my wolverine c .177. always stucked in the mag.
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Re: JSB Predator Polymag .177

Postby sharroff » 13 Nov 2015, 19:00

Check out my post in this forum on a demonstration of difference in pellet accuracy. Those were the worst shooter in my Wolverine B 177
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