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jumbo monster for fac

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jumbo monster for fac

Postby farmerdunk » 27 May 2016, 12:33

Hi. I have just come across of a tin of JSB Exact jumbo monster .22 pellets i haven't used for a while. The spec of them are 25.39gr, 5.5mm. If i remember right i think they were a little tight fitting into the mag. I brought them for my Airwolf CDT FAC which has been gathering dust! I plan to use the airwolf more regularly now, unless i get a really good offer for it!! Any thoughts on these pellets for the Airwolf? Anybody else use them? They are a big heavy pellet!

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Re: jumbo monster for fac

Postby Motorhead » 28 May 2016, 01:02

A lot of us stateside have fooled with those .22 cal Monsters .... of the four high power PCP's I own NONE shot them very accurate. Reading others posts the conclusions of others trend to be the same.

One way to find out ... shoot em at say 50 meters and see if they make a group or not ?
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Re: jumbo monster for fac

Postby AlanMcD » 02 Jun 2016, 16:51

I tried the Monsters in my 50 FPE .22 Air Ranger, and they shoot the worst out of any pellet I have tried in it.

But the interesting thing is that JSB also makes and even heavier (and longer) pellet - the JSB Exact Jumbo Beast, and it weighs in at 33.96 grains. These pellets shoot the best out of any that I have tried - I have no problem putting up 5 shot groups under 0.4" ctc at 50 yards, and their BC is so high that they really buck the wind too.

Alas, I have decided not to leave the gun set up for these, as I really don't want the gun dedicated to 50+ FPE shooting. It is now back down to slinging JSB 18.1s at 900 fps into only slightly larger groups . . . .

So if you want to go after max energy, I would certainly give the Beasts a try - the max speed I could get them to out of my gun was averaging about 825 fps over 20 shots, so you'll need to have a power set up to shoot them at a decent speed.
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Re: jumbo monster for fac

Postby farmerdunk » 06 Jun 2016, 21:56

Thanks for the replys. I have been away with the family [half term holiday], i will try your advice and see what happens! May get a sample tin of the Beasts to try!

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