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regal xl 40ftlb

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regal xl 40ftlb

Postby wizard1963uk » 25 Sep 2015, 11:33

what pellets are you guy's putting through your regal 40ftlb & what is your zero range ...i myself was using air arms field heavy 18gr but am going to be trying the bisley mags 21gr ...it will be great to hear what other member's are using and what your preferred zero is
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Re: regal xl 40ftlb

Postby Mantonflint » 25 Sep 2015, 17:08

I generally zero my FAC air rifles at near zero 19 yards; far zero 43 yards. I zero my my rimfires at 18 and 52 yards with Eley Subs at a MV of 1080fps. Have a look at this thread on a forum I contribute to, it gives the general idea;
http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/to ... o-my-22lr/
As for pellets, I normally use AA Field .22 15.9gn at 1000fps, if I substitute AA Field 18gn my MV drops to 950fps with similar trajectory to the 15.9gn from my barrel. I set muzzle energy to approx 36fp as I find this ideal for UK pest control purposes. As for heavier pellets, personally I don't see the need and prefer the flatter trajectory and adequate energy of the lighter pellet from my barrels.
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Re: regal xl 40ftlb

Postby wizard1963uk » 25 Sep 2015, 21:24

thanks for the reply its appreciated
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