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B Type Hilite sling

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B Type Hilite sling

Postby styks » 10 Mar 2018, 02:24

Hey guy's
Not been on here for a hell of a long time.
Just bought Wolverine R, (regulated) B type. Hi- lite . Back to Daystate, I hope my return experience is a good one!

is this section for sub 12fpe Wolverines also? ...... Couldn't see another sub group for the D'S Wolverine.

How are you guys fitting a sling?
I'm sure that carbon bottle is stronger than I'm thinking, however I must ask.
If I design a strap for say the centre of the bottle length will it be safe, will it cope?
Or is there another way? ..... there's not a lot of room between bottle and shroud, but I can nock something up if its safe to do so.

Not been out with it yet but fitted my Bushnell DOA and have it zero'd over my short range where I know it will be about right at 30y. ... Got it back as far as it will go but I'm having to come slightly more forward on the comb than I normally would for good sight picture.
Test sheet shows 11.5 ft lbs and a very good string at 190 bar. I'll chrono it tomorrow to find out for myself.

I'll post some 30y groups and a chrono shot string if anyone's interested in how the Wolverine R B type sub 12fpe .177 performs.
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