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303 Hi-Lite

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303 Hi-Lite

Postby Grenade » 05 May 2016, 22:08

I just brought my new toy home yesterday. Didn't have a lot of time to play with it as I had to go to work.

I just wanted to make sure that the rifle went bang when I pulled the trigger. Wow is this thing LOUD! I shot the rifle off my shooting bench, on the porch. I had to go back inside and get some foam ear plugs. I didn't clean it . Just took it out of the box and put a scope on it.

It's amazingly well balanced. I tried both the JSB 44.74 gr and the 50.1 gr pellets. The difference in POI is significant. Almost a foot difference at 50 yds.

I'll give it a good cleaning, and get some shooting in over the week end. Bit disappointed though with the trigger. The is quite a bit of side to side play. I was not expecting that in a rifle of this caliber. (pun intended).

Once everything is ready, I'll try some accuracy tests and run it over the chrono. Scott mentioned that he found the 303 recoiled a lot. Up to ten years ago, my main hunting centerfire rifle was a .300 Weatherby magmun. I've since learned that I don't NEED that much horsepower for deer, bear or moose and have switched to a .308 Winchester and a .275 Rigby. The recoil is noticeable with my 373 H&H and definitely gets my attention when I use the 458 Win Mag( an under rated Whitetail caliber)

It's big, it;s brawny, loud and powerful. Definitely not a plinker.

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Re: 303 Hi-Lite

Postby Mantonflint » 05 May 2016, 23:09

Congrats on your new rifle Grenade, I hope you get to know and enjoy you're .303, over head we would certainly moderate it. As to it's felt recoil characteristics, perhaps not a lot to rivet ones attention. :)
I'm in agreement with you on the Wetherby front, IMHO they are unnecessarily sharp - and I'm shooting the same calibres as you starting with the .275 through .375H&H (very flexible) and onto the English heavies. I find the .308 a great workhorse, if I want less energy at shorter ranges I use home loaded .30-30 Winchester.
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