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Accuracy question

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Accuracy question

Postby Kerosenezen » 11 Jan 2016, 13:16

Hi folks, just got a new wolverine b, and I have a question regarding accuracy. Just to check mine!

I'm getting half inch groups at 43 yds, and I a was wondering how accurate you find these rifles to be. On average I mean. I've settled on jsb 4.52 pellets and they seem quite good, still, of course, get the odd flyer but nothing traumatic. I tend to use the mags because what's the fun in single shot?!

Any thoughts as to whether I'm on the money with this kind of accuracy or are you all getting pellet on pellet at 100yds? ;-)

Thanks folks
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Re: Accuracy question

Postby Squirrel_Reaper » 22 Jan 2016, 02:41

So, which pellets are you using and how many different pellets have you tried? Your groups don't look bad for 40 odd yards.

But all air rifles tend to like one pellet type over another and this will be reflected in the accuracy you will see.

My Wolverine likes JSB Exacts, Barracudas and (thankfully) Predator Polmags for hunting.
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Re: Accuracy question

Postby Cumbrianwolf » 22 Jan 2016, 12:09

I can shoot from a solid bench rest out to 40 yards and regularly group within a 5p piece using .177 RWS Superfield pellets with the occasional flyer. So I do not think your grouping is anything to worry about. As for 100yds I think that would be pushing the ballistics efficiency of a pellet a little too far even with high powered air rifle.
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Re: Accuracy question

Postby Roni » 11 Feb 2016, 07:56

Try crossman premier heavy pellet. Mine shoots well after some tuning on end barrel where the pellets inserted. There is a sharp edge from and around transfer port hole area need for polishing and smoothing.
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Re: Accuracy question

Postby GreenBayPackersMan » 14 Feb 2016, 20:40

Hi ...a few months ago i treated myself to the .177 version of the .303 wolverine which is a fantastic gun ... this was my second set up hour with my new gun scope combo I wanted the most accurate zero as i could get so used my most local indoor range which is set at 25 meters and this was the result of a 10 shot group with just resting my gun on my tack bag... with the first pellet make used which are .177 Exact Premium Diablo which seemed to suit straight away given the group size was around a quarter size of a five pence piece.

Hope this helps ...cheers Gaz
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