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Potential buyer Q's

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Potential buyer Q's

Postby mntbighker » 29 Mar 2016, 03:29

I have been looking at various options for a .25 PCP. Here are a few remarks/questions...

AirGunsOfArizona shows an image of the gun/stock that does not match the Daystate pics. The stock appears to fit the bottle better on the AGOA picture, and the lines are more refined. So is the current stock different than the pictures on the Daystate site?

I can't tell if the factory MVT option (more adjustment options) is available to North America. I have no idea how fly-by-night the EBay ones are. And I would hate to void the warranty by installing a sketchy control board.

I'm wondering how long it will be before the Air Wolf is replaced, or upgraded to include a carbon bottle. The newest manual on the Daystate site is 2013, so I'm wondering if some upgrades or design changes are overdue?

Does the Air Wolf have any mechanism to prevent the accidental stacking of more than one pellet? Some air guns companies are starting to do something to prevent this from happening.

I wish they offered a laminate stock.
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