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I want to buy daystate airwolf mct ...... but ????

Daystate Air Wolf MCT the ultimate in high-tech hunting air rifles that features the very latest in on-board refinements to make it easier than ever to achieve great shooting results

I want to buy daystate airwolf mct ...... but ????

Postby Mohamed El Serafy » 06 Oct 2015, 19:27

Hello Mrs
I am from USA
Please I want to buy airwolf mct 0.22 fac ....
But I am very afraid of the electronic
I have some questions
Is it has any electronic problems or any other problems???
Is it has (no double load pellets) ????
How can I make the maintenance for it ???
Could you please any body give me education url links to show me how does this rifle work and its electronic how does it work and how to fix its malfunctions ???????
Thanks very much
Mohamed El Serafy
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Re: I want to buy daystate airwolf mct ...... but ????

Postby airwolfwayne » 18 Apr 2016, 18:27

No replies ? Great forum. Go direct to Daystate web page for help.
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Re: I want to buy daystate airwolf mct ...... but ????

Postby Cumbrianwolf » 19 Apr 2016, 16:47

Maybe the OP was asking a bit too much, nice resurrection from the dead though.
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Re: I want to buy daystate airwolf mct ...... but ????

Postby bakke » 21 Apr 2016, 20:19

Hi - I have Air Wolf tac. and the new Wolverine B and the air Ranger.

I've had my Air Wolf tac, cal 5,5, 40ft / lbs in 4 years - have never experienced problems with the electronics - have changed the battery pack and no more - I have shot about 37.000 shot with it.
It may have a problem with the valve - this I have been changed under warranty but this may also occur for all other models.

the trigger is in my opinion better than air ranger and wolvorine

yes it can double charging - pellet on pellet - but no problem - you can quickly hear it if you have (shotting)
maintenance - remember to clean the barrel - I do my clean every 500 shots and rememer exchange the prope seal

Lars - Denmark.
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Re: I want to buy daystate airwolf mct ...... but ????

Postby Mantonflint » 21 Apr 2016, 22:16

Lars is correct on all points, My Air Wolf CDT was built in 2008, all it has needed are probe O rings and last year a new battery. Faultless performance and an extremely fast lock time, electronics are generally trouble free, just charge the battery overnight on the first of every month, you cannot overcharge it. :)
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