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Air Ranger firing valve leak

Daystate Air Ranger an Air Ranger 80 Designed to be a ‘supergun’ amongst sporting air rifles, the Air Ranger and its extra-high power stablemate, the Air Ranger 80, bring a whole new dimension to mechanically-driven PCPs. Now you can shoot well beyond your normal limits.

Air Ranger firing valve leak

Postby D.Gib » 17 Jun 2016, 20:33

hi all a friend of mine gave me his .22 air ranger to service as the rifle dumped all its air on firing . the reason for this was that grit had entered the firing valve via the screw in brass collar that secures the bs006 oring on the firing valve body . so firing valve had galled up and stuck in the open position. so striped cleaned fitted new seals refilled with air firing valve not sealing and is leaking through transfer port. stripped again to check firing valve it does not appear to be bent however? . i have serviced and repaired dozens of daystates over the years this is the first i have had issue with next step will be to replace firing valve so if any one has come across this previously i am open to suggestions many thanks.
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Re: Air Ranger firing valve leak

Postby Roni » 08 Dec 2016, 05:00

You need to change the valve due to the hard plastic PTFE is no more flat or maybe cracked. Just replace and make 1 new PTFE and will all good. This is for .22 60fpe.
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