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Daystate Air Ranger an Air Ranger 80 Designed to be a ‘supergun’ amongst sporting air rifles, the Air Ranger and its extra-high power stablemate, the Air Ranger 80, bring a whole new dimension to mechanically-driven PCPs. Now you can shoot well beyond your normal limits.

A prodigal airgunner

Postby blueflax » 24 Jul 2015, 14:34

Richard, I hope your back is better.

I got an email from Richard mentioning that I hadn't posted lately, and asking what’s up with my Daystate.

It is true that I have not posted for a while on the DOC. I have been working on my own blog, Blueflax Airguns, spending a lot of time with a new rifle from Benjamin, and of course as they say, “Life Happens”.

All that is about to change because It is time to concentrate on my Daystate .25 Air Ranger. Extreme Benchrest is in a few months and the Daystate will be my 75 yard benchrest gun. So it is time to shoot the Air Ranger and see how well I can do at 75 yards. So far I have found that in good conditions it will shoot one MOA groups at that distance.

For me, shooting a good score is not a matter of shooting a ¾ inch group at 75, but is more a question of me hitting a 1 1/4 inch circle every time at that distance. Most or our ranges in the American west are open to the wind where shooting well is often a matter of a constantly changing point of aim. I am counting heavy .25 JSB King pellets and 50 FPE to soften the effects of the wind so I can get most, or nearly all of my shots in the nine ring and let the tens take care of themselves.

You can see a photo of my rifle at http://blueflaxairguns.blogspot.com/

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