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Accuracy @50 meters

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Accuracy @50 meters

Postby denniesmeets » 28 Jul 2017, 19:41

My Airranger 80 in .25 is way over powered to shoot pellets well. So my search began what is needed to improve accuracy without major mods. Firstly, choice of pellets at regular pellet speed, 260-280 m/s. Baracudas were doing worst. Looked like a shot of a shotgun. JSB Kings were a great improvement, shooting standard configuration but regulated @ 90 bars of pressure. JSB King Heavies MKII were performing more or less the same, with a best result of 11,5mm ctc @50 yards. Not really overwhelmed yet. I have always used MKII's because they fit my Edgun Matador best. Got hold of a regular tin of Heavies which fed easily through the single shot tray. And yess! Groups improved to about 11,5 mm ctc. I fiddled around with a couple of lighter hammer springs and finally acieved a decent group size of 5,5 mm @50 meters, shot at 160 bars with an average pellet speed of 268 m/s. This is tight enough for me. Actually, it outperforms 50 meter .22 LR precision shooters at the shooting range! Not bad for an air rifle! The regular Heavy pellets don't feed through the magazine at all. So I have reamed the holes in the aluminium pellet revolver part to 6,5 mm. Standard Kings fall through but the regular heavies feed easily! This setup works for me! A lot of forums report terrinle accuracy from this air rifle. However, it is just a matter of finding the right pellet and balance between air behind the pellet and pressure. Perhaps solids are performing better at full power because of the weight, although the ones I have tried were terrible.
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Re: Accuracy @50 meters

Postby Roni » 15 Feb 2018, 05:08

It is not easy afterall to make AR80 accurate to shoot
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