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X2 lost power

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X2 lost power

Postby MarkVC » 26 Jul 2015, 15:00

My Daystate X2 was bleeding air and emptied itself in 01H30.
Took it to the gunshop last Februari and they had to ship it to the Daystate factory.
Got it back last week and shot a 1cm group at 100m: nice.
Checked the next day and pressure was still at 180Bar so the leakage was fixed: great.

This afternoon I wanted to zero the scope at 100m and the pellet dropped on my lawn at about 50m...
To hit the target I now need to aim about 60cm above point of impact at 60m.
I can see the pellet fly and drop: has the range of an airsoft rifle.
It is filled at 210Bar.

I shot it over my Chrony and it does 121 - 132 F/s which is good for 0,57Ft/Lb or 0,77 Joules.
It should be 25Ft/Lb!

Any ideas about what may have happened are very welcome.

Have a great weekend,
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Re: X2 lost power

Postby Mantonflint » 26 Jul 2015, 19:53

Hello Mark, have you checked the condition of the pellet probe O ring?
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