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Anyone tried one?

Daystate Pulsar limited edition rile. Daystate Pulsar a new style for Daystate

Anyone tried one?

Postby tclancey » 27 Apr 2015, 12:51

HI folks.

Just wondering if anyone has one of these yet and what they make of it? How are you finding the weight and balance? I'm in a wheelchair and the advantages of the bull pup design are many.

And why are so many people slating the look of it? It's a bull pup. That's what it is. As a bull pup it's the most beautiful example advertised by any manufacturer. There's no point bleating on about it not looking like a full length rifle, it's ISN'T, it's a bull pup for God's sake!!
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Re: Anyone tried one?

Postby CORKY » 27 Apr 2015, 21:10

Welcome to the Daystate Forum. I'll keep it short, it didn't appeal to me from pictures, but I looked elsewhere, having had my interest in bullpups whetted. .... PM on it's way.
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Re: Anyone tried one?

Postby kaymay1993 » 03 May 2015, 19:10

Yes my best mate has one looks nice feels good to hold I through over 100 shoots through it no problems at all the lazer is crap a waist of time mind you it was bad weather. He loves it the case it comes in is very very nice would I have one mmm in about a year once to normal production ones are out and the kinks fixed and no mater what there will be.

Would I climbe through hell for one nope not at all its bad enough paying around £1300 for a rifle just under 2k takes the piss for a bullpup.

A years time may be time will tell I did not intend on getting a c type but I did mind you the wood on it has to be the best that I have ever seen on a rifle its gleaming.
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Re: Anyone tried one?

Postby SteveC200 » 29 May 2015, 12:16

A chap at my FT club has one. Its fairly heavy compared to an Edgun Matador (which are very light) but the balance is all back in your shoulder so still feels nice and light. Accuracy wise I cant fault it. With a 10x scope at 55 yards in breezy conditions I was getting no more than a perfectly horizontal line of hits. Im pretty confident in still conditions it will group smaller than a 5p piece.
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Re: Anyone tried one?

Postby kaymay1993 » 15 Jun 2015, 11:45

Well my mind has been changed the grown up kids and wife have clubbed in an treated me to the limited edition for my birthday. Do I like it now I own one well yes sort of the lazier is a waist it spoils the fun of shooting in is no good in the rain.

I gave it a a fair few pellets yesterday is is accurate yes it is is it heavy yep but once in the shoulder it's perfect
I managed 190 good shots and gave up at 212 lost power around 195 ish.Its well put together I'll give it that very solid with no rattle.

For the money I would have liked to have seen a set of swing swivels and a good sling and may be a free tin of pellets after all there is a space in the case for them.

The case I'd very good solid a tad heavy and not easy to open very stiff my lad managed to rip one of the catches off.

Any way I'm off work until Thursday so will keep firing it I have to say that I'll be going back to the normal rifles quick smart my lad has already worked out the it will be his in a few weeks sadly I have fallen in love with my C type it's taken over from my danger ranger in the keeper league.

Is it worth 2k nope not at all the wife and kids must have been saving for months for it I do wish they had asked me what I wanted I'd be happy with a nice Air Wolf after all it's the only currant Daystate that is missing.

Trouble with Daystate is that they appear to be bringing limited additions out ever six months or so and I fear one day the buying public will say enough is enough and they will have a shock. They make some very very good guns well once the leaks are fixed that is.

My lad asked me last night why I liked Daystate so much easy answer they are quality made rifles that are made to go on and on, he then asked what my favourite all time rifle was easy it my R10 mk2.
With my C type close behind.
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Re: Anyone tried one?

Postby scream » 17 Jun 2015, 02:37

I bought one after trying it, I'm of the mind, you buy your own gun as it's a very personal thing, I had a BSA Air Sporter for 30 years so I'm not one to jump into something lightly, spring was my thing. Times change some folk don't like new, some love it... I walked into a shop for an Ultra SE (my first PCP) and walked out with a Pulsar... 2K is it work it, probably not but it is an unique gun and you get alot of development in it.

So OP, to answer your question, to look at, it's different, like many bull-pup guns but this one stunned me, I was looking at an Ultra SE with an 11" barrel measuring 32" long, then I saw this (before I saw the price), a 30" long gun with a 17" barrel ! how could they make a gun smaller than an Ultra SE? Well I had to pick it up, it was heavy, it feels heavy in the hand, with a scope adding another 750-1000g it's heavy but the crazy thing, as soon as you shoulder it, it feels like it's apart of you, the weight disappears. It feels so balanced, the gun feels like it's weighted to your shoulder so you don't feel it, your cheek sits on the rest and you could goto sleep it feels that comfortable (and I'm left handed), the rear loading lever looks like a pain, but after a few goes it actually feels better than a bolt.

Pictures don't do this gun justice, it's not a super model, I suggest next time your in a shop that has one, try it, I mean pick it up and shoulder it ! don't just pick it up and feel it... actually put it into your shoulder with a scope, something like a 12 or 16x with a 40mm objective.
The dam thing grows on you.

The problem now is, I've seen the FX wildcat & played with that, thats another nice bull-pup... now I've seen FX are bringing out the FX impact, wow that looks nice....all these new guns and they all cost 900+ when did prices get so mad.

Yes generally the gun is not 2K but you could say that for any thing, look at scopes, £100 scope ok? £300 scope ok? £1000 scope? £3000 scope... they are out there.. are they worth it?

Forget the price, is it a nice gun, yes, it's not for everyone, is there another 17" barreled 30" gun on the market with the same spec or better? no.

safe shooting.
If it feels right, that's what matters.
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