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Pulsar laser.

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Pulsar laser.

Postby Jmad » 29 Dec 2015, 09:43

I have just got my pulsar and have been playing with the laser adjustment. The manual says there are 3 holes a right, left and one in the Center for vertical adjustment. My fore end only has the left and right holes and if I remove it the laser only has grub screws in the right and left holes not the one directly below.

Is this a fault or has the adjustment now changed so that it is now just left and right which also adjusts the vertical as the adjustment is at an angle?

Hope that makes sense.
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Re: Pulsar laser.

Postby Roblytham » 17 Apr 2016, 09:27


I was just wondering if there was any response to this as I have the same problem. It seems to have been viewed a fair few times as well so might be worth posting a response.

Thanks in anticipation

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Re: Pulsar laser.

Postby tclancey » 07 May 2016, 13:53

Yes, I'm quite confused as well. I've never had a scoping device that is adjusted diagonally in opposing directions!

It may well have been set perfectly at the factory, but I' not at the factory and would like to be able to 'easily' adjust it to suit my location.

I resorted to rotating the laser 45 degrees so up was up and left was left, but then of course you can't adjust it without taking the gun apart.

Something between design and and the nut and bolt stage seems to have got confused.

I only hunt paper targets, but I do so at different ranges and at the moment it's impossible to adjust the laser quickly, so for me I've just paid money for an unusable gimmick.

Daystate, I've paid a lot of money for this gun, I expected better, and I need a fix.
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Re: Pulsar laser.

Postby allenjones1960 » 27 Apr 2017, 06:55

Daystate changed this but the manual for mine had not caught up
Using the two adjuster you have to fiddle one moves up and one way horizontal and the other moves down and in the other horizontal direction.....they both affect each other so it's fiddly

I don't use mine now...it's only good at the zero or as a ranging device. Often you can't see it in the light and it is quite poor laser and is quite big splodge at 30 yards

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Re: Pulsar laser.

Postby tonylam » 02 Dec 2017, 09:57

Another gimmick to grab attention but in real life is a poor but costly add on. Had this been a buyer option, after these type of reviews Daystate would have been left with boxes of them on the shelf as no one would have chosen to pay for it.
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