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Should Be In The Intro Section, But....

Theoben Air Rifles

Should Be In The Intro Section, But....

Postby Brooky » 27 Apr 2017, 20:31

Hello all, Brooky here from Cheshire. I've been a Theoben Rapid owner for a good 6 years now and I've always been really happy with it. I bought an Air Arms TDR last year to mount my Photon NV onto, but I've never felt happy with the rifle, it seems to be a little bit flimsy.
So, today I've been in process of trading it for a nice Air Ranger in.177 with a shortened shroud. So, out after the rabbits next week, but I'll be keeping the Rapid as It's a gem in.20. It'll be a test during the summer to see which one ends up wearing the Photon for night shooting, and which one gets crowned with the Lightstream FFP.
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