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Daystate Huntsman Classic

The Daystate Huntsman Classic combines all the elements of a fine, traditional sporting air rifle in a lightweight, compact design that’s a joy to shoulder, whether you’re out in the hunting field or on the competition range.Huntsman Regal

Daystate Huntsman Classic

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Daystate Huntsman Classic

combines all the elements of a fine, traditional sporting air rifle in a lightweight, compact design that’s a joy to shoulder, whether you’re out in the hunting field or on the competition range.


Classic English styling complements beautifully-carved, Italian-crafted walnut woodwork which cradles a solidly engineered - yet remarkably lightweight - action. Despite its diminutive size, the Huntsman contains all the features airgun shooters have come to expect from a rifle that carries the famous Daystate logo.


Courtesy of its Harper patent slingshot hammer and valve system, the Huntsman is capable of performance levels which have never hitherto been achievable on a mechanically-driven PCP. This results in a much greater shot-count and even more efficient power delivery, with high- power versions of the Classic capable of a muzzle energies up to a staggering 30 ft/lbs.


Utilising some of the most advanced stock-making techniques available, the Huntsman incorporates a unique marriage of wood and metal, whereby its one-piece steel action is seated far lower than usual in the stock in order to mimic the handling and feel of a traditional hunting rifle.


Nothing has been left to chance on the Huntsman, from its fully-shrouded match-grade barrel to its solid breech block, which comes fitted with Daystate’s proven 10-shot rotary magazine. If you prefer not to auto-load, this can instantly be replaced with an optional single-shot tray that allows direct-to-barrel loading. The rifle has been fitted with a pressure gauge to clearly indicate the remaining air status, and re-charging is a quick and easy operation courtesy of the standard snap-fit filling system, neatly concealed behind a pull-off protective cover.

The backbone of the daystate range has always been one rifle, the huntsman.

Mk1 was a single shot, simple pre charged pneumatic. Early versions had bsa barrels and lpa sights.

Mk1 midas was a brass cylinder and featured to optional match trigger. Known as the F.T.R (field target rifle.)

Mk2 was a evolution of the mk1 with better stocks easier loading, lothar walther barrels and available with the midas brass tube and better trigger.

Ph6 was a six shot fixed magazine sat on a mk2 huntsman action. The gun could be topped up inn the field so the shooter had 6 shots ready. Ph6 special edition guns were made in both black and silver, the former being made as a 26 gun run.

Huntsman actions scaled down using an alloy tube of a smaller dia than the huntsman were made in various guises including the lr90 (light rifle), xlr (extra light rifle ), mirage and firefly included.

The harrier was introduced as an updated huntsman with a parkerised action and barrel. Single shot. Simple to build and maintain theres still plenty of these guns being used.

Harrier x was designed as a ten shot action and was the forerunner to todays ten shot guns. Using the same basic design removable magazine throughout its life, they sold like hotcakes. A silver L.E or ltd edition was made in small numbers.

The huntsman classic has kept the huntsman name alive in its present form.

The huntsman classic has also had the L.E treatment too having a gold cylinder, cocking bolt and trigger with gold engraving on the breech block.

The huntsman wingmaster, buckmaster and forrester are other L.E guns featuring laquered glossy stocks on the wingmaster and buckmaster and a green – brown – grey laminate stock on the forrester.

The huntsman is by far the most numerous of the daystate range and is the entry level gun for those aspiring to own the best.

The huntsman has evolved during its lifetime with the only part from a mk1 that fits a new huntsman is the grubscrew in the trigger adjuster!
Cheers Richard
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