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Huntsman Midas mk1

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Huntsman Midas mk1

Postby Duiker » 01 Feb 2014, 09:49

Hi all,

I have just picked up a mint condition Midas FAC .22 and am looking to change the standard silencer/moderator. It seems the market hasn't got much to fit the barrel diameter though an I wondered if anyone had any ideas?

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Re: Huntsman Midas mk1

Postby CORKY » 01 Feb 2014, 11:41

For me one of the joys of the Huntsman, is it's beautiful dimensions. A Daystate Reflex silencer complements these lines, not making the rifle too long. My only experience has been with 12ft lbs... so take it with a pinch of salt. My favourite is the Mk4, it can be taken apart, the Mk 5 is in one piece and lighter, the 6 I have not even seen. I seem to remember there is also a Reflex model for FAC power Huntsman rifles, that is specially designed to cope with the different air cylinder/shroud length as well as the extra power. Good luck with your search.
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Re: Huntsman Midas mk1

Postby Mantonflint » 01 Feb 2014, 13:45

The smallest, lightest most efficient half inch UNF threaded firearms rated mod I know of is the TG-60. Not cheap but built to last; http://www.ruag.co.uk/products/985-tg-6 ... -moderator
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