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Huntsman classic 177 FAC

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Huntsman classic 177 FAC

Postby Anirudh65 » 14 Feb 2016, 11:52

http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg12 ... mzkyca.jpg

This shows my manometer reading of my hunstamn clasic 177 FAC filled upto 230 bars SWP.but my hills mk 3 shows a much lower reading .this dam pump also needs 75 strokes to achieve 230 bars from 160 bars with a single break at abt 45 strokes while i use it with a microbore hose.is this a normal hills style fill pattern.why a variation between the manometer eadings of the airrifle and the pump.Incidentally the pressure drops from 230 to 200 bars in abt 8 shots and the from 200 to 160 bars in abt 11 shots.is this shot count ok
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