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Easy replacement of bolt probe O-ring

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Easy replacement of bolt probe O-ring

Postby AlanMcD » 05 Mar 2016, 15:29

My bolt probe O-ring failed on me last night, and I needed to replace it. It sure was difficult to get on, and I just could not get it over the lip on the bolt. That led me to search the web for a solution and I found a post that recommended using an arrow nock as a tool placed in the breech to apply enough pressure on the O-ring to get it up and over the lip.

Not having an arrow knock, I tried improvising a few things to do the same thing (like using the gap inside tweezers as a surrogate arrow knock) and nothing worked for me. Finally, it hit me - a perfect solution! I took a small scrap of wood that was about 10mm thick, cut it down to fit in the breech between the bolt and the barrel and under the scope, and then pressed the bolt into it to make an indent to mark the point of contact. I then drilled a hole through the block of wood a bit larger than the bolt probe tip (1/8" for my .22 bolt probe), oiled and slipped two, then a moment later a third O-ring on the probe, and pressed the bolt into the hole in the block. The first O-ring slipped up and over the lip with no issues - the even pressure on the full diameter of the O-rings did the trick, and neither of the two "aiding" O-rings appeared to be damaged (unlike with my prior attempts, all of which damaged the O-rings).

That block of wood is now in with my other Daystate specific tools for future use . . . and I thought I would share this here to help others that might find themselves with the same problem.
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