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Help with tuning the trigger on an Air Ranger

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Help with tuning the trigger on an Air Ranger

Postby AlanMcD » 13 Feb 2016, 23:52

I have read the basic instruction that Daystate provides, but was wondering if anyone had a little more guidance that they could provide.

Specifically, my trigger has a noticeable amount of second stage creep that I would like to tune out. As it is now, I can pull the trigger through the first stage, then give it a bit more effort and it moves a bit and then I can stop the pull without firing (of course I can keep pulling and it will fire); if I then let off the trigger and begin pulling again through the first stage until it stops, the shot will break cleanly on the first bit of movement of the second stage. The weight is OK, and I like a two stage trigger so I want to keep it that way.

As I read the Daystate instructions, it would seem that if I lengthen the first stage travel, then the creep in the second stage should be reduced - am I correct in that assumption, or is it a different adjustment I need to make?

My other point of reference is a Gen I Marauder that I have, and I was able to tune its trigger to near perfection by taking the cover off the trigger group and working it carefully, adjusting while observing what was going on. This Daystate trigger appears as though it will pretty much fall apart if I try to go into it so that kind of approach is out. Unfortunately I have not found any videos of people working on their guns (unlike the plethora of Marauder videos) so I am hesitant to start.

Any guidance from people that have done this would be greatly appreciated. I searched but could not find anything. Thanks!
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Re: Help with tuning the trigger on an Air Ranger

Postby Mantonflint » 14 Feb 2016, 22:27

Hi AlanMcD, you may find this article of interest; http://www.airgun.co.uk/Adjusting_and_M ... igger.html
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Re: Help with tuning the trigger on an Air Ranger

Postby AlanMcD » 15 Feb 2016, 22:41

Thank you. That is a huge help. After reading this, it prompted me to do an image search on the actual trigger group, and that lead to this picture which I also found helpful (the illustrations in the article are helpful, but sometimes a picture really can show us what to expect).

http://s74.photobucket.com/user/220swif ... 0.jpg.html
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