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Dive tank fill list

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Dive tank fill list

Postby audi swift » 16 Nov 2014, 15:40

we did one of these on the dark cold place, but here is a few places that I go to get my dive tank\s filled.
maybe we should do a sticky so others members on here know where to go to ?.

Aquasport International
50 Lincoln Road
B27 6PA
0121 706 6628
300 Bar fill £3 ! & yes it was a true 300 bar fill too.

Shooting Supplies Limited
38 Sherwood Road
B60 3DR
300 Bar fill £5

There is a few more but they have sadly closed down now or stopped doing refills.
so feel free to post where you go & don't forgot to put down the price & if there is any issues etc.


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Re: Dive tank fill list

Postby 18 Wheeler » 17 Nov 2014, 09:48

Good idea Kenny. I would recommend always phoning ahead to check that your cylinder can be filled there and then or if it's a drop off and collect service.

Here's a couple I've used...

ScoobaBoosta ~ Warwick
Broxell Close,
CV34 5QF
01926 411946

Cylinder filling and testing. 300 BAR.
Cost? Can't remember but it was about £4 for a 7 lt.
Website and e-mail contact details: http://www.scoobaboosta.co.uk/contact.php

Go Dive ~ Derby
Nottingham Road
DE21 7NP
01332 66 53 53

300 BAR, 3ltr = £3 all others £4.
Website and e-mail contact details: http://www.godive.net/

Dosthill ~ nr. Tamworth
Church Road
B77 1LU (best for satnav)

Open Thurs-Sunday see here > http://www.divedozzi.com/dive-dozzi/opening-times/
Cost: £2-3.50 3-12 litre 300 BAR. http://www.divedozzi.com/dive-shop/filling-cylinders/
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Re: Dive tank fill list- berkshire area

Postby airwolf1 » 23 Nov 2014, 11:43

Good idea, there are a few near me but I drive a bit further out to a proper scuba store for a good 300bar fill and service that's excellent, the shop owner is a genuinely nice guy and will do anything to help, they can also send tanks off for testing. 12L 300 bar was around £6 which is also a couple of quid cheaper than other scuba stores down this way :D

Best tank fill in Berkshire area:

Slough Scuba Store
35 Elmshott Lane, Cippenham, Slough  SL1 5QS
Tel: 01628 666833
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Re: Dive tank fill list

Postby lurchermann » 11 Dec 2014, 18:53

Sds Schubert Center at halfway Sheffield.also a daystate dealer.01142488688.
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Re: Dive tank fill list

Postby Kit Carson » 05 Jan 2015, 17:36

Just an idea if you can find them where you live. I use an 6000 psi nitrogen tank for my airguns. Rent of tank and fill is cheap overall. I get about 400 plus fills, so at about five fills per week it lasts a good long time.

Good business deduction also, no I am not playing, I am using this to fill up my work van tires. Lol!
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Re: Dive tank fill list

Postby wizard1963uk » 30 Sep 2015, 07:26

Kent Diving & Watersports Ltd
Lawson Road

Telephone: 01322 277107
email: mail@kentdiving.com
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Re: Dive tank fill list

Postby Red Devil » 19 Feb 2016, 18:55

Allcocks Outdoor Store
Address: 10 York Street, Stourport-On-Severn DY13 9EG
Phone: 01299 822212
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