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Daystate RWS series 50 info

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Daystate RWS series 50 info

Postby Aronkon1978 » 06 Jan 2017, 20:52

Anybody have or know anything about the Daystate RWS 50? I've just bought one but know nothing about these and can't find anything on the net! TIA
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Re: Daystate RWS series 50 info

Postby airwolf1 » 22 Feb 2017, 20:27

Hi, probably a bit late but....

The RWS 50 was built by Daystate for RWS, they used a 1" tube and most came with a beech stock, 10 shot rotary magazine, rifles were not regulated and had no air gauge. Once the contract with RWS finished Daystate used the rest of the breech blocks to build the X1, Sable and Barracuda, none of which really took off, probably down to the reduced shot count from the slimmer tube. In .177 you should expect a good 40 shots from a fill to the SWP.

Daystate also built the RWS 500 and that became the Air Ranger :D
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