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Second rabbit session of the year

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Second rabbit session of the year

Postby hillbilly » 18 May 2015, 00:22

Went out to one of the rabbit shoots I have,last night. Took my neighbour with me. He's a shot gunner, someone has to!! When we pulled up in the spot where I park we got out and after a quick look around, I could not decide where to go as there did not seam to be many about. the place is normally heaving with them. In the end we went down to the bottom field. I missed a couple while working down through the other fields, a bit rusty as have not been out in a few weeks. On entering the bottom field there were quite a few in the corner where I normally sit. we moved along the hedge to where we had a good chance of a shot or to. After laying out prone and setting the rifles on the bi-pods, we settled down to wait, while waiting i checked the ranges with my range finder, so when peter came back out I'd know how far. After about 5 min's 2 or 3 came out, but were to far out. Than 1 of them came running down to where we were, stopped about 35-37yds out, so i whispered to Nick aim dead on, as the wolverine is zeroed for 35yds, but he'd not cocked it fully and by the time we sorted it bunny was long gone!!
About 20 min's later we were still watching the ones about 60-70 yds away, when out the corner of my eye I saw not 1 but 3 come running out about 35yds away, after running out into the field one made the mistake of coming back and sat about 6yds out from the hedge, no messing this time, all ready, Nick took aim, squeezed the trigger and down it dropped. Nick was well made up, he managed 2 more and I only managed the one. When we finished we picked up the ones we shot, left 2 for charlie, and gutted 2 to bring home for tea. As he'd never cooked rabbit before, I invited him and his other half around for tea. She said no, but Nick came round and i'd made a casserole, which he really enjoyed. Thats all for now, so until next time may all your shots be straight and true.
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Re: Second rabbit session of the year

Postby Daystate Admin » 18 May 2015, 06:25

Nice one cant wait to get out myself
Cheers Richard
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