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My New .177 Wolverine

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My New .177 Wolverine

Postby GreenBayPackersMan » 21 Nov 2015, 01:13

Just had my first range time with my new Wolverine .177 to set it up and must say I'm more than happy with getting a 10 shot grouping like this over 25m within its first 50 pellets
I am definately looking forward to using this at longer ranges and will post the results if people are interested. As this was my initial set up with my new gun scope combo I wanted the most accurate zero as i could get so I used my most local indoor range which is set at 25 meters and this was the result .....with the first pellet make used which are .177 Exact Premium Diablo which seemed to suit straight away given the group size was around a quarter to a third size of a five pence piece ... coupled with a Hawke Airmax scope and Huggett silencer I've got the best kit I've ever shot with over many years.Thanks Daystate you've made me a very happy man.
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Re: My New .177 Wolverine

Postby evohuntsman » 04 Dec 2015, 16:28

nice rifle bud and enjoy, they do look better in the 303 stock , I,ve got the b and c version best pellets I,ve found in mine have been the jsb exact 4.51,s
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