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Re: Advice & thoughts please - Scopes

Postby Mantonflint » 13 Mar 2014, 07:43

Comprehensive scope info here: http://www.rifle-scope-guide.com/
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Re: Advice & thoughts please

Postby Spider1V » 15 Mar 2014, 13:43


Many many thanks for your help and thoughts. Brian I liked the overview to scopes you posted, and Gary many thanks for the 'explanation' of the Lightstream products. As an update I am meeting with Corky later and will be borrowing some of his scopes to have a tinker later next week and see how they go. I will also try and take up Bladeriders kind offer and expect a PM soon.

I do have a few more questions points to clarify if I may?

What does 'AO' Mean?
When a scope says 'easy eye' does that mean it has the ability to have non parallax? i.e when you look through the scope you don't get the dark rings around your view?
What are your thoughts on 'side focusing'?

Once again many thanks for your help and guidance, I think getting into the PCP game, I am having to become more technical than the olden days where you took a rifle and any old scope and just plinked away!

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Re: Advice & thoughts please

Postby stryder5 » 15 Mar 2014, 16:19

AO = Adjustable Objective, loosely the ability to focus at different distances, generally taken as parallax correction, it does depend on your definition of parallax.

Yes to your second point, easy eye can mean eyeline not critical.

Side focusing is a little more complex to engineer, so can add weight, easier to reach tho', to make the most of it you need a sidewheel of around 4" +.

Front focus harder to reach when on target.

I have both and have no preference really. Sidewheel more use if you do FT.

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Re: Advice & thoughts please

Postby Bladerider » 16 Mar 2014, 02:24

No probs bud, pm whenever :D

Something I had noticed slightly but which became acutely obvious last weekend when playing with the Panther and its new Falcon T50 is the point about the 4" wheel making a difference on side focusing, especially with a big magnifying scope. What looked to be pretty well in focus at 10x mag became a fuzzy mess at 50x and I was surprised just how sharp and shallow the depth of field was once trying the larger wheel to gain finer focus.

My experience of high end optics comes solely from cameras and while a rifle scope is a relatively cheap object it is being asked to do alot of things and hence I had never expected any modern scope to be all that great, but was quite surprised with all the scopes I have accumulated (I think its 8 now !!) and their relative merits for their price. Its not quite Canon L-series but its not bad all other factors being considered.


edited to add - they are fookin heavy though, just like the canons !! lol
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