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Scope levels- Hawke and Wheeler

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Scope levels- Hawke and Wheeler

Postby airwolf1 » 24 Nov 2013, 23:25

Hi all,

I have found that with air rifle shooting one really important piece of kit that is often over looked is the spirit level, this is a great aid when using holdover or holdunder, when you consider just how much a pellet will drop when shooting at targets as far out as 50 yards (particularly .22) it's very important that you are holding the bore and scope in alignment (level/plumb). In order to achieve this the scope will need aligning with the bore using a level on the gun and aligning the vertical crosshair with a plumb line around 20m away. Once this is set up you will need to make sure that you are then holding the gun level and staying vertically aligned, for this we use a fixed level of which I have two to compare and offer notes on here:

hawke level.JPG

This level from Hawke is one of the cheapest around, between £12 and £15, it simply sits on the rail and secures via an allen head bolt on one side. This level is very light and compact. I have found that this level is not allways right out of the box though, it may need a bit of filing to enable it to sit flat on the rail and read correctly. I have also found that its position requires significant head movement to see it when in the shooting position, but at this price its still great value.

Wheeler Engineering:
folded out.JPG

This is my preferred level, its is extremely well made but at £45 its at the higher end of the level market so should be expected. This level clamps around the scope tube so 2 types are available, 1" and 30mm. By clamping to the scope it allows you to adjust easily, with the gun clamped level you simply rotate it around the scope until it reads level and tighten the allens bolts in that position. This level is heavier and bulkier than the Hawke but it does swing out to make viewing easy with very little need to even move your head when looking through the scope, just open you left eye to check you are not canting the rifle. The level simply folds away when not in use and is held securely in place when placed in the in or out position by a neat spring design.
folded in when not in use.JPG

view from shooting position.JPG

Just to compare the two for size and viewing position:
hawke and Wheeler Engineering.JPG
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Re: Scope levels- Hawke and Wheeler

Postby Mantonflint » 25 Nov 2013, 00:08

Great post Gareth, very informative. I use the Hawke on one of my rifles which has a big scope mounted (8-40x56)
I think that it provides a greater "level of confidence". :D
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