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Hugget moderator and shroud

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Hugget moderator and shroud

Postby j33ptj » 25 May 2014, 19:14

I am new to this forum, so this may have been covered, but has anybody anything on the Huggets Shroud and moderators for an Air Ranger?

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Re: Hugget moderator and shroud

Postby airwolf1 » 26 May 2014, 17:03

they are very good but also expensive, the main benefit for me was keeping the rifle near the original length, the huggett adds only around 50mm to the existing length of a standard rifle and is shorter than a Daystate shroud and Daystate Airstream silencer fitted+ its quieter than the Airstream.

But... I think I read your Ranger is .25 so is it the AR80/ Extreme version? if so I'm not sure the Huggett would fit, their are much better value silencers on the market if you don't mind adding length to the rifle and possibly affecting the balance :D
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