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armex gun strap *****AVOID*****

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armex gun strap *****AVOID*****

Postby rocky1980 » 05 Feb 2014, 23:45

my new armex gunstrap arrived today after purchasing from flea bay so after fitting i decided to test out my new daystate and the new scopes and the new gunstrap i was so proud of finally owning a decent setup felt like a pig in s**t :D
that feeling was short lived though after just 20 min the clip that attaches to the gun snapped in half the gun started to fall luckily i somehow managed to catch the gun before it smashed off the floor!!
thought id share my experience with others incase anyone else gets one and is not to fortunate to catch it resulting in there pride and joy falling to the floor.
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Re: armex gun strap *****AVOID*****

Postby stryder5 » 06 Feb 2014, 16:34

Thanks, useful info, stops other people having the same problem :x
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Re: armex gun strap *****AVOID*****

Postby rocky1980 » 06 Feb 2014, 20:37

no probe strider they also changed the listing now to faulty to cover there arses :/
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Re: armex gun strap *****AVOID*****

Postby Daystate Admin » 06 Feb 2014, 22:23

thanks for the heads up
Cheers Richard
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