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Daystate Airstream MK5 silencer

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Daystate Airstream MK5 silencer

Postby Daystate Admin » 12 Feb 2013, 12:12

Daystate Airstream MK5 silencer

Just picked up a Daystate Airstream MK5 silencer from the shooting show and must say I do like the way it fits and feels . The main advantage withe the Daystate Airstream MK5 silencer is that it slips backward on to the barrel thus making it a lot shorter than most other silencers . It is not as quiet as my WEIHRAUCH moderator but I do like the feel of the Daystate Airstream MK5 silencer plus it being shorter.


The DayState Airstream MK5 Silencer is a groundbreaking new sound suppressor that incorporates a unique one-piece baffle unit for perfect bore alignment and noise dissipation on all Daystate models and, also, many other air rifle models.

Fitting a standard 1/2" UNF threaded muzzle or adaptor, the silencer's internal mounting system effectively makes it half the length of comparable silencers, adding just 84 mm (3.3 ins) to the muzzle. Its stylish casing is made from carbon-fibre, which brings the assurance of strength without undue weight. This, along with the CNC precision-machined alloy internals, also ensures the rifle’s balance is unaffected when in your shoulder. Despite its meagre dimensions, however, the Reflex is capable of industry level quietness, and its perfectly suitable on Daystate's high and super-high power rated PCPs
Cheers Richard
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