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Stock modification

Postby itsray » 07 Mar 2016, 10:40

I have been told, and read many articles that promote the use of an adjustable cheek piece on the rifle stock to prevent and misalignment of eye to scope view when using telescopic sights. I have tried both methods on various rifles and yes, it really does make a difference to the ease at which you shoulder up to aim. There is no need to adjust your head or grip at all because your head position is the same each time you aim at your target. Main problem for a diy-er is that they are very difficult to fit yourself requiring specialist cutting tools.
Why then I ask do the manufacturers not offer the adjustable cheek rest as an option or have an aftermarket department or service able to accept that work for the buyer?
Same applies to a far lesser extent to the foregrip 'hamster' used by target shooters and which is far easier to fit as an aftermarket purchase.
Does anyone know of this service being offered by anyone else?
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