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Air Rifle Night Vision Optics chat


Postby lurchermann » 02 Mar 2014, 18:41

What ppl think of them?iv just buyed one but with the older heavyset battery.new tho.been told can get cameras to make it bit better.have yet to go propa use it yet so just some info wanted.thanks
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Re: Ns50

Postby rocky1980 » 14 Mar 2014, 00:05

i have one of these and there a great bit of kit i have both the lithium battery and the original brick battery, i just shot this in my pocket its not that bad really just the wire gets in the way.
your right about the camera you can change this then it will become a ns200 but tbh the clarity of the ns50 and range is quite good i was shooting well over 60 yards and still could see the rats clear as day so the range is a lot further than expected, i was speaking with nitesite the other week after mine went in for repair i enquired about the camera and they want £300 for the camera upgrade!!!! u can prob do a diy job if u wanted one badly but like i said the ns50 is fantastic as it is.
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